We've just launched "[Official spaces](https://www.fs-nation.com/enterprise/spacetype/directory/index?id=4)" - these are spaces that we have created and everyone is a part of by default. When you post in these spaces, everyone who is part of them can see your posts. You can leave them if they get annoying - for example, if you don’t care about screenshots. **Please try to post in the right space** - for example, screenshots should go in the [Screenshots ](https://www.fs-nation.com/s/screenshots/) space. We are going to phase out the "FSN Homepage" space over time, and slowly add new spaces like "help & support".
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- [FSN Official Spaces](https://www.fs-nation.com/enterprise/spacetype/directory/index?id=4) - [FSN Announcements](https://www.fs-nation.com/s/fsn-official/) - [List of Member Spaces](https://www.fs-nation.com/enterprise/spacetype/directory/index?id=1) - [List of Mod Teams](https://www.fs-nation.com/enterprise/spacetype/directory/index?id=2) - [List of Virtual Farms](https://www.fs-nation.com/enterprise/spacetype/directory/index?id=3)
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